New Factory Wholesale AK47 Hookah Customize

New Factory Wholesale AK47 Hookah Customize

The AK47 shisha from the YOUNGHOME brand is a striking hookah that mimics the classic AK47 gun design, with shiny and varied colors and a custom look that makes it look like it has endless possibilities. This is an artistic and practical craft that not only has a striking appearance, AK47 shisha provides a satisfying smoking experience every time. It can offer multiple people to smoke at the same time, and if you’re looking for a way to make your time with friends more memorable, this is the hookah pipe for the job.

It is made of high quality materials and is built to last. Its surface is shiny and durable. Whether used at home or in a bar, it is well cared for, and it only takes a dry towel to gently wipe it down to make it look like new.


Our hookah factory supports different process designs on the surface, not only can make a shiny electroplated appearance, but also can be plastered with diamonds on the gun, so that the AK47 has enough visual impact. We also offer hookah customize options for accessories, where you can choose from bowls with ice mist hookah pipes and skull shapes, which combine a wild look with a delicate experience. Whether you are a beginner or a deep shisha lover, this product can meet your need. If you want more information for hookah wholesale, welcome contact us!

Why choose AK47 hookah:

The wonderful design makes it a good showcase

It smokes like a breeze. This is to make sure that every sip you take feels sacred.

This is an ideal gift for friends who like to smoke. This ensures that they have an amazing smoking experience.

Product Specs:


2.Height :84cm

3.Color:Black,Blue,White,Pink,Purple ,Orange

4.Package:Color box+Pearl cotton protection box

5.Hose Length:1.8m

6.Process options: Painting, Plating, Pasting

Included in delivery:

1 Glass Base Bottle

1 AK47 Gun

1 Plate

1 Bowl

1 Silicone Hose + Metal Hose Tip

1 Tong

Optional accessories:

1.Custom diamond appliqué

2.Disposable hookah mouthtips

3.Ice hookah hose

4.Metal handle

5.Carrying bag

Post time: Mar-10-2022